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Richcraft Difference

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is an internationally recognized and trusted symbol for identifying energy efficient products including your home. This symbol represents the technical requirements that a home must meet to receive the energy star label. This means you can look forward to financial savings, enhanced performance, improved air quality and so much more.

From the moment you walk in the door of your energy star certified home, you’ll see, feel and hear the difference. Scroll through some of our features below and discover savings on your energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort.

Enjoy Low-E Argon PVC windows throughout your home. You’ll save energy and enjoy that cup of coffee by the window without being cold.

We place R-60 blown insulation in the attic or R-40 in cathedral ceilings. This means you’ll save money and protect the environment through energy efficiency.

R-27 insulation is built into the exterior walls with high-performance exterior sheathing and sealed house wrap. This creates a more even temperature throughout your home and reduces condensation, heating and cooling loss.

In the garage ceiling under the second floor area, we put in R-31 insulation to prevent cool drafts and those tricky cold spots.

Heat your home quickly with a 96% efficient forced air furnace with sealed combustion and an ECM motor to enhance comfort and cost savings.

Rely on a high efficiency instantaneous condensing hot water heater that uses 30% less energy and less space in your home.

Our HRV system is designed to operate optimally at low energy consumption and can recover up to 5 times more energy than they cost to operate, resulting in great energy savings.

A drain water heat recovery unit is maintenance-free technology that saves on energy used to heat water. The unit in your home takes advantage of the warm water flowing down the drains to preheat the water going into the hot water tank.

Our gas ready package includes a BBQ and stove rough-in with 120v outlet at the stove saving you time, energy and money.

We’ve added R-10 rigid insulation under the basement slab to retain heat and prevent moisture penetration.

We’ve added R-24 insulation to the exterior basement walls to help retain heat.

Around the windows, exterior doors, basement headers and the perimeter of the garage drops we have expandable foam injections to reduce drafts, dust, pollen, pests, noise and the cold.

Your home comes with LED light bulbs in all compatible fixtures. You’ll benefit from longer-lasting light while greatly using less electricity.

Our homes are built with digital programmable thermostats. You can adjust the heat in your home with an estimated 10 percent of savings on heating and cooling each year.

Our ductwork is sealed! Sealing and insulating ducts increases efficiency, lowers your energy bills, and can help improve indoor air quality by reducing the risk of pollutants entering and circulating through your home.