Summer Living Design Trends

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Think popsicle colours, beach settings and blank canvases to build on your decor this summer into fall. We have 10 top ideas for your home this season.

Three in a row

A hot look for any kitchen island is three of a kind lighting. This trend is ongoing and will be around for a while, so is something to invest in. The kitchen is the heart of your home and the island is the heart of the kitchen, so make a statement. Three hanging lights can add a touch of colour, or a fresh steel look to your home creating an on trend talking point. Best shown with wine and cheese.

_D3_0328Richcraft Fieldstone Urban Town Model – Granville

Beach inspired

Take a look outside – it is beach season! Adding some beach inspiration to your home doesn’t have to mean placing seashells in every corner, hanging painting of seahorses, and creating wall art with fishing nets. You can of course do this, but you can be simply influenced by the colours of the beach. Blues and natural sand colours mix well. Take it a step further and add some printed cushions.


Richcraft Alymer Model  – Greyhawk

Light colours

Start with a blank canvas. Having a neutral colour on the wall and/or furniture means you can add touches of flavour from season to season. White kitchens are a big trend. You can add coloured accessorizes such as toasters, kettles, and pots to add some zest. Fresh lemons in a vase or a bowl always look great in the summer for a pop of colour. Swap them up for red apples for a fall feeling.


Richcraft Fieldstone Urban Town – Jericho

Statement walls
These never go out of fashion. By statement wall we mean one wall that is different from the rest. The general rule of thumb is to use this wall to frame a talking point like a fireplace or a bed. You can keep it simple by going darker or lighter on that wall, or get creative and add stripes or dots especially if you are decorating for a child’s room and you know you will be repainting in a year or two.


Richcraft Fernbank model – Dellwood

A touch of bright

It’s hot and sunny outside, so add some sunshine to your home. Brights are on trend for 2015 and so easy to incorporate in to your abode. Either add a few touches by using accessories or add a bright coloured wall. If creating a burst of sunshine on a entire area is not your thing, then add blocks of colour by painting canvases, and hang them on a plain wall to create some excitement.


Richcraft Fernbank Model – Addison

Pattern and print

The quickest way to add a trend to your home is by adding cushions and drapes. Embrace the print and pattern style by adding a fun cushion or a set of drapes in a fun chevron pattern. Decide if you want an antique or a contemporary feel. This can easily be created with a quick search around home stores or online.


Richcraft Fernbank Model – Addison

Statement lighting

Wow your friends and family with a light that stands out from the rest. The trend is to get creative with your lighting fixtures. Gone are the days of a standard shade. Now, there’s an endless choice of fixtures in all shapes and colours. Use pieces such as this to draw attention to a certain area in your home, like your entertaining space.


Richcraft Alymer Model  – Greyhawk

Creative space

Use every nook in your home. Create an extra entertaining area by adding a breakfast table over looking the garden. Make it light and easy to move, so you can change the positioning with the seasons or move out of the way when you would like to open up the space.


Richcraft Fernbank Model – Addison

Keep it under control

Yes, that’s right, we are saying don’t go too crazy with the prints and colours that are in style. The one thing to remember is to accessorize with big trends as replacing a cushion next season is easier than redecorating a whole room.


Richcraft Fernbank Model  – Vista

Have fun!

It’s all about having a blast. Sit down with your family and make a mood board of ideas. Cut, stick and paste your look for the season or create an online board for inspiration. It’s the season of sun, sea and decor!