The Richcraft Difference

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There are a lot of elements that go into building a Richcraft home, one being the Party Wall.

The Party Wall consists of the materials that exists in-between unities in condo flats and walls in the town homes, keeping you safe. How? There are two requirements that the wall has to meet; one being fire and one being sound (hence the word party).

You will find this wall in all buildings, but he Richcraft Party Wall is a step above the rest, we add more to our walls and floors to keep you safe. For starters our Party Wall is actually two walls that act as one while other builders only use the standard one wall.

Our wall has a metal fire stop which blocks the fire from spreading from condo to condo and the 5/8 “ Fire code “C” weatherproof gypsum board has an extra layer that Richcraft adds to create a wall above the standard.

Townhome Party Wall

Our townhomes have more drywall than other builder’s homes, in fact 50 percent more. How does this help you? The thicker wall means less vibration and better sound proofing. By adding a third layer to the wall our fire resistance rating also exceeds code. This means if a fire breaks out then is a thicker wall between you and danger. Richcraft puts the extra time and money into the home to protect you and your family longer.



Condo Party Floor

In our condo flats the floor creates a barrier just like the wall. Our floors are built using 1.25” gyp-create instead of the 1” minimum. What is gyp-crete? A massive material used in combination with Acousto-matte (see link), this decreases the amount of vibration. This is in addition to the code required vibration dampener, resilience channel. Richcraft also uses a 40 percent thicker structural sub-floor is 7/8” compared to the minimum 5/8”.



The thicker subfloor permits a builder to better cost save by spacing the joists further apart. A measure which Richcraft doesn’t compromise on. So house-to-house Richcraft homes are stronger.



Richcraft goes above and beyond Literally

The Party Wall creates a fireproof building. It goes from the top of the foundation to the underside of the truss. The required fire rating extends from the underside of the aspelite (below shingles) and continues to the top of the roof. Therefore the house is completely fire-rated. This surpasses the minimum fire rating required.

If you choose a condo flats there is no need to worry about fire or sound as the floors are also fire-rated while the resilient channel (a thin metal channel) is a sound dampening device.

So go ahead and check out a Richcraft home, we put your safety first.