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La Croisée Aylmer
Sales Office

137 Rue du Golf

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Mon to Wed - 12 noon to 8 pm
Sat, Sun & Holidays - 12 noon to 5:30 pm
Closed Thursday & Friday

Tel 819-682-7000
Fax 819-682-5383

[email protected]

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La Croisée Aylmer

Richcraft’s beautiful golf course community. Bordering the rolling fairways of historic Gatineau Club de Golf, La Croisée means crossroads, and true to its name, the harmony between nature and township remains the heart of this unique Richcraft community. At La Croisée, you will think you are on a permanent vacation. Take in a round of golf, marvel at one of western Québec's most beautiful, rustic marinas, or enjoy the historic city of Aylmer. A place where you can live it up or simply unwind. At La Croisée, residents can take in a round of golf and marvel at one of western Québec's most beautiful marinas.

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