Oh so chrome!

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Chrome is no longer about functional, practical hardware, now people are steering away from the stainless accessories in their home, and going crazy for the chrome look.

Richcraft designer, Melissa Leclair from Leclair Decor, says: “Metals are a great way to bring a different texture into a space to help add personality. Mixing metals is also very in right now, so don’t be afraid to incorporate different finishes into a space.”

Chrome accessories can either offer you a matte choice or a light reflecting alternative, dependant upon how the surface is polished. The great thing about chrome? Chromium plating doesn’t rust unless the plating is lost.


Where to start

Get window shopping! What’s more fun than sitting down with your laptop/phone/tablet a glass of wine and planning updates for your home. Decide if you want a dramatic change or if you want to add touches. If you take a peek around a Richacraft model home you will see anything from kitchen doors to accessories in this fashionable metal.

Think about if you would like to add a statement piece such as a chrome door or small pieces of hardware like door handles. Maybe you want to spend money on pieces that are interchangeable or you may want to go all out and create a metal abode.

But, think outside of the box. You don’t have to add big pieces to get the look. Melissa says: “There are lots of different chrome pieces you can bring into your home. Hardware, lighting, vases, paper weights, and bookends are a great way to accessorize with this shiny metal.”


Work with what you have

No doubt you already have a beautiful home, but it just needs a spruce up, and often budget can be a factor. Take a look at what you already have in the home. Do you have hardwood, stone etc. What colours do you have in the home. For example a matte chrome door handle can look great against a white door and a coloured wall.

The contrast between hardwood and chrome metal create a modern feel. You can find table that match the two, or invest in some basic chrome accessories such as a chair or nest of tables that will shine against your dark wood floor.

Think about your kitchen and bathroom. A shiny chrome faucet will add a touch of luxury to your stone shower or splash back.


The rule of three

You want to make sure your home has balance. “Chrome is a neutral metal and can pretty much tie into any space. With any piece whether it be a metal or a colour use the rule of three. Introduce the item at least three times in a room to create balance and repetition, so it doesn’t look out of place,” says Melissa.


Go ahead and have fun with the metal in your home!