“Kitchens that fit spaces perfectly” by Potvin Kitchen & Cabinets

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Whether you find yourself shopping for your first home, or looking to finally simplify your responsibilities and square footage, the details of the kitchen layout can’t be overlooked when shopping for maximum value per square foot.

Taking as an example the outlines of the Richcraft Urban Towns’ kitchen, the length of the layouts fit the spaces perfectly. All the important features are concentrated on the exterior wall that is flanked by an oversized sleek island that is not only a focal points but brings an amazing amount of preparation counter space, storage as well as instant eat-in nook. Having the center of the floor plan unobstructed with visual clutter creates a flow and openness. To Learn more about our Urban Townhomes, see floorplans and view models CLICK HERE.

The Richcraft’s Jade Condo Flats also has a focused layout that holds an island with breakfast bar that opens to the living space, bringing in light and creating an open space where the kitchen is very much part of the day to day activities. Learn more about our Jade Condo Flats, see floorplans and view models CLICK HERE

The kitchen layouts in both projects include all the amenities needed to create great meals, and have all your tools at your fingertips. Every square inch is used to your advantage and all the amenities you need can be found in their purposely compact planning; from the convenient storage of pots and pans drawers to expected essentials such as the dishwasher and double sink for great flow.

Having such a simple plan gives you the flexibility to go carte-blanche on the style. The finishes and hardware selected give your kitchen and your space the feel you want; choosing to either lean towards a classic flair, panel doors and detailed pulls or going with the clean lines of modern slab doors and sleek hardware.  The choice is yours.

The focus on is always on efficient use of the kitchen area which offers more usable quality living space for you to enjoy life and entertain the people that are important to you.