Interior Design: Boho Chic 2016 Trends

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c1a6cdc4-fc87-43ae-964c-eff2c10a232e[2]It’s officially spring and it’s time to start cleaning. Thinking about dusting and organizing? Think again! Now’s the time to clear out the items you don’t love anymore. To help your creative process we’ve gathered 7 of our favourite trends to help you get the look you’ll want for this spring!

If you’re inspired by bright and bold colours, the laid-back and somewhat eclectic feel of bohemian chic décor will help you create style revamp you’ll love. This look is so easy to throw together, the combination of mismatched patterns and textures is a part of this styles allure.

Inspired by artists and vagabond culture, bohemian home décor is all about self expression and environment inspiration. The combination of the two should stimulate the senses and set the tone for fabulous conversation. Bohemian is a great backdrop for sharing your memories through the display of souvenirs like sculptures, vases, photos, and vibrant art.

Take a look at 7 of our favourite trends and get a leg up on a spring this year:

  1. A colourful sofa in a luxurious material is an instant anchor for a room with lots going on.
  2. An oversized orb pendant on a dimmer allows for warm, low lighting to set a cozy tone.
  3. Dress up your walls, and give a nod to nature, with a bright botanical wallpaper.
  4. Add hits of moroccan-inspired pattern with throw pillows, drapery, and comfy throws.
  5. Ground a room with a plush rug in old world patterns.
  6. Infuse the room with rustic charm with a woodsy take on classic starburst mirrors.
  7. Vintage (or vintage-looking) vases and table top decor add instant depth and personality.

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