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Warranty Coverage

One Year Warranty
  • Requires a home is constructed in a workman-like manner and free from defects in material;
  • Protects against unauthorized substitutions
  • Requires the home to be fit for habitation;
  • Protects against Ontario Building Code violations; and
  • Applies for one year, beginning on the home’s date of possession even if the home is sold.
Two Year Warranty
  • Protects against water penetration through the basement or foundation walls;
  • Protects against defects in materials that affect windows, doors and caulking and defects in work that results in water penetration into the building envelope;
  • Covers defects in work or materials in the electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution systems;
  • Covers defects in work or materials that result in the detachment, displacement or deterioration of exterior cladding (such as brickwork, aluminium or vinyl siding);
  • Protects against violations of the Ontario Building Code that affect health and safety; and
  • Applies for two years, beginning on the home’s date of possession.
Seven Year Warranty

Your home’s seven-year warranty covers major structural defects and begins on the date you take possession of your home and ends on the seventh anniversary of that date.  For example, if your home’s date of possession is January 1, 2012, the seven-year major structural defects warranty begins on January 1, 2012, and remains in effect until and including January 1, 2019.

To learn more about what is defined as a major structural defect please visit the Tarion website at www.tarion.com

What is not covered
  • Damage resulting from improper maintenance
  • Alterations, deletions or additions made by the homeowner
    Defects in materials, design and work supplied or installed by the homeowner
  • Secondary damage caused by defects under warranty
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Normal shrinkage of materials that dry out after construction
  • Settling soil around the house or at utility lines
  • Damage caused by floods, “acts of God”, wars, riots or vandalism
  • Damage from insects or rodents, unless it is due to construction that does not meet the Ontario Building Code
  • Damage caused by municipal services or other utilities
  • Surface defects in work or materials that were not noted at the pre-delivery inspection or on the 24-hour surface damages report, or that were noted and accepted by the homeowner
  • Damage caused by the homeowner or visitors
  • Contractual warranties that lie outside of the Ontario New Home Warranty Act

To learn more about the coverage in your new home, please visit the Tarion website at www.tarion.com, or contact Tarion Warranty Corporation at 1-877-982-7466.

To learn more about the coverage in your new home, please visit the Tarion website