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Interior Design: Boho Chic 2016 Trends

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It’s officially spring and it’s time to start cleaning. Thinking about dusting and organizing? Think again! Now’s the time to clear out the items you don’t love anymore. To help your creative process we’ve gathered 7 of our favourite trends to help you get the look you’ll want for this spring! If you’re inspired by […]

Tree trimming ideas with Richcraft

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With the holidays upon us we’ve teamed up with of Leclair Decor to create some seasonal mood boards for 3 of our models homes. Which one feels most like home to you? Fieldstone Urban Town Cambie Model Home Your style is simple and down to earth. You’re more inspired by the beauty of nature. Just like in our […]

Art Attack

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Art Attack When looking to add personality to your home take a look at your artwork. One of the great things about hanging art is that this can be a temporary solution that is easy to change with fashions, seasons and trends without painting or wallpapering a wall. Artwork can bring together a room, it […]