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Richcraft Homes Bike Giveaway!

Are you an expert on all things Richcraft? Try your best to race through these challenging questions
How many years has Richcraft been building homes for Ottawa families?(Required)
(HINT: 39+1 🤫)
Over these 40 years, how many homes has Richcraft built?(Required)
(HINT: Not A or C 🕵️‍♀️)
Which products does Richcraft offer?(Required)
(HINT: A – D 🤐)
True or False? Richcraft owns one of the largest amounts of land in the Ottawa region.(Required)
(HINT: This is a correct statement 🤫)
True or False? Richcraft owns the Gatineau Golf and Country Club?(Required)
(HINT: Yes 🕵️‍♂️)
First Name, Last Name


Which bicycle part is also the name of a Richcraft home?
I acknowledge that to be entered to win the bike I must be following the Richcraft Rentals Instagram page