Art Attack

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Art Attack


When looking to add personality to your home take a look at your artwork. One of the great things about hanging art is that this can be a temporary solution that is easy to change with fashions, seasons and trends without painting or wallpapering a wall. Artwork can bring together a room, it can be the focal point of a room, or even be the inspiration for your decor.

Something Personal

When we say artwork it doesn’t have to mean a painting or drawing. Photographs make a great hanging display. If you like to travel, pick some favourite photos that have a special meaning to you, or family photos that you love to look at – the possibilities are endless. Choose a wall which will become your focal point (often over the sofa looks nice). Hang framed photos in a pattern. Think multiples of three. A rectangle of six or a square of nine images looks great and will be a large display to wow friends.

Take inspiration from Ansel Adams, an American photographer and environmentalist. He is known for his black and white landscape photographers of America’s West. These will make the perfect photo wall.


Urban Towns – Kitsilano Model

Set the Style

Are you a modern family, a rustic couple, a fan of antique prints? Choose artwork that suits your style. For example, a colourful modern piece can set the tone for a room, paired with white furniture for full impact. This is a starting point for your homes ambience.


La-croisee/Aylmer – Greyhawk Model

Think Beyond Traditional Art

Is there a musical instrument you like to play or a favourite sport? Guitars make great art hung on the wall at an angle. But, think out of the box. Are you a biker? Pick up an old bike and spray it to be transformed in to a talking point on your wall. Love hockey? Hang a stick surrounded by your favourite jerseys.

Jericho office

Urban Towns – Jericho Model

Use Art as a Starting Point

Artwork is a way to add colour to a room. If you are someone who likes neutral walls, then add an eye catching colourful piece to the wall to create depth. Think about using art to inspire the rest of the decor in that room. Maybe your favourite piece has burst of red. Take this red and add accessories in the same colour palette. The art will not be your focal point, but a great starting point. See what colours appear in the art piece as these can be your basic colour palette for the room.

A great way to achieve the above is with abstract art. This is art that is both challenging and pleasing. The colours from an abstract piece (such as those by Pablo Piccasso) can be used to bleed into the wall. For example, if the piece has streaks of blue, pick up that blue and paint the wall behind it that colour harmonizing the piece to it’s surroundings. In contrast use the abstract piece as a statement, something to add a “pop” to your room.

Kitsilano Hallway

Urban Towns – Kitsilano Model

Look that Way

Use art to draw the eye up to high ceilings, or to a favourite spot in the room. If you have high ceilings and low furniture then art can add balance to the room eliminating large empty spaces. Or if you would like to draw attention to your fireplace, add an eye-catching piece hanging above.

Contemporary art can work great for this. As they say, the bigger, the better. Think Andy Warhol’s famous pop art pieces. Often contemporary (approximately 1950s onwards) in bright in colour and reflects the individual or society. You can be sure that these are pieces that will be engaging and make an impact. Place your piece approximately four to six inches above the furniture that you are looking to enhance and fill the space.


Urban Towns – Kitsilano Model

Use Pattern

Think William Morris and his use of pattern in his artwork. Known for his work during the Arts & Crafts movement in the 1800s, his work was displayed particularly on fabrics and wallpapers. His prints can still be purchased on wallpapers today. Be inspired by his style to create a statement wall. With a lot of pattern keep the surroundings simple. Maybe a white couch in front, or a bed headboard. If you love the style, but do not want to go all out, then pick up a large print or wallpaper a canvas to create the feel.

Grafton_Riverside South

Executive Towns – Grafton Model

How you decide to use your artwork, just remember to add your personality and have fun! You can always change it in a few months time.

A few tips on hanging you art:

  • Art is there to be looked at and should hung at eye level, but take into consideration the height of your ceilings.
  • If you have a collection of art treat them as one piece and hang them together.
  • Hang art that fits the space. Try to fill as much space as you can without making the area look crammed.