Back to black: A bold and beautiful design choice for 2016

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Black gets a bad rap; it’s moody, it’s scary, it’s dark and foreboding.

But we’re not talking about cats here, nor the sky on the morning of a winding road trip. Black for the home is indeed a bold choice, but it’s one we love to make when the space calls for it. Visit the Fieldstone models to see how we used sprinkles (and some
major splashes) of the shade to create quietly confident rooms that ooze personality and demand to be enjoyed.


Conservative hits of black scattered in a softer, brighter space can provide a dose of masculinity and edginess. Look for black lighting, furniture, artwork, and decor accents that will pop against light surfaces and create an eye-catching, high-contrast look.

Anchor a room with a single black wall for a sharp, contemporary look which is both striking and stylish. An oversized piece of art in a contrasting hue makes for a graphic punch that will draw the eye and start conversations.

Wrap yourself up in an all black bear hug. Bring out the shade’s elegant side by using it everywhere (yes, everywhere) as the backdrop for traditional design. We used a warm shade of black dressed up with moulding accents to create a chic boutique hotel feel in the Granville master bedroom.